by Furlough

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First EP by Chicago Emo project Furlough!

Huge thank you to the following,
TJ Martin, Taylor Merrick, Ugly Sweater Party, Stratford, Bonfires, Fossil Youth, Sundressed, Knockout Kid, Tiny Kingdoms, Jonathan Teeter, "Scuba" Steve, Noah Redmond, our parents, our friends and all the people who have made this project possible. We love you!


released December 16, 2016

Furlough is -
Sam Nelms - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Campbell - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Emrick - Bass Guitar
Chris Hoffer - Drums

Engineered by TJ Martin
Album Art by Chris Hoffer



all rights reserved


Furlough Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: (Nothing)
Cursed intuition
Cloak me in anxiety
I never could quite shake the feeling
You would one day give up on me
Smear the tabletop with lip gloss
Candy apple red
Your presence ingrained with me
Long after you left
And I'm sorry
We'll never be the same
And I'm sorry
It has to be this way
Track Name: As Per Usual
Throw ourselves away
Deconstruct and decay
Carry on
Shattering our mirrors
Every fallen fragment
A part of what we could have been
All my thoughts are caught in the middle
What I can't see
All my thoughts are caught in the middle
And I can't sleep
I can't breathe
I will die today
With you as my witness
Bury me
Ghosts will haunt these halls
Plague us with their presence
Like every word under your breath
What if this is all I'll ever be?
What if this is it for you and me?
What if I am not enough?
Track Name: Spaces Which You Once Called Home
You rest embroidered in my flesh
Intricately woven into patterns through my veins
With each stitch you pull apart your presence fades away
With each seam you sever goes a piece which we once shared
Broken needles, fraying thread
Is this all I am?
This is a God damn disgrace
What once was such a beautiful union gone to waste
Bury your sorrow and cross your heart
We were once a work of art
Bereft of any connection
Undulating from the spool as blood descends your skin
I can feel the indentations
Spaces which you once called home
Caving in under the pressure
We no longer belong
I want you to show me what it takes to be enough
I'm coming to grips with what it means to be in love
Track Name: Oil on Canvas
Wax poetic
These words burn like candles so vibrant and verbose
Cursive bodies
Entangle so beautifully in the bedsheets

Go on without me
I'm a burden
You're a blessing

My tired eyes
Reflect in the mirror like oil on canvas
Sleep sorrowfully
This indecision, my mind is imprisoned

I've learned to let sleeping dogs lie
I've learned to listen and never ask why
Track Name: Tilde
Papercuts on the tips of your fingers
Lipstick at the end of your letters
It haunts me
We made love on the way home
You are the tilde
Everything I was never sure of
Covered in the shade of the treetops
Creases in the palms of your hands
They haunt me
You're my one and only